Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I'm breaking a cardinal rule and posting pictures of myself. I apologize sincerely for anyone that has to see me in spandex. :) But, there's no way around it because of the fun I had this weekend (except for when we were actually DOING the tri) for a once in a lifetime experience. Or maybe twice, if mom changes her mind next year. :) But it still won't be the first time. I can almost walk normally today, 2 days after the fact.

This was the only time we were dry for the next 6 hours, at least. Rain started in the swim.
Hard to tell we're near drowning, huh.

Still near drowning, even though we were technically done with the swim.

I am the skinny one. Take your pick. That's me in one of the greens. Any of the greens.... :) hahahhaahhahaha.


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