Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Procrastination

If anyone checks the day and time of this posting, it may pique your curiosity. Yes, it is 8 am on a Sunday morning and I am blogging. Yes, I go to church every Sunday, even 45 minutes early. I am taking online classes to attain my BSN (which is just for further education down the road) and have weekly assignments. You may be surprised to know I have 1 due today and need to print of the needed paperwork. Rest assured, I have been thinking about this assignment all week, have done the necessary reading (well, most of it) and the online/CD ROM assessment trainings as well. It's really not hard to just perform a Cranial Nerve assessment on an adult, fill out their assessment forms and submit it electronically. What makes it hard, is when you can't access their site to download said forms in the first place. Annoying.

I also learned something yesterday about last Saturday's hike. Turns out the SAR teams (Search and Rescue) we saw were not on a training. They were looking for a hiker missing since November (hence, the cadaver dogs) and a couple of other hikers that have been missing for several months. I wondered where all the strapping young men (like Nick) were! They must save them for the living, so they can carry them out. :) Congratulations to Nick on his latest rescue assistance involving 2 19 year old maidens in need of help. Seems like a better way to meet people than some others I've heard about!

Lucy has discovered Tavin's barbies. So far, the fascination is only in chewing the feet. Simon is doing very well in kindergarten, he seems to love P.E. the most. Tavin still loves her first-year teacher, and revels in the fact that she plays Christian music very quietly on her computer all day. It is also Tavin's favorite station, so I think she feels like she has a "secret" with her teacher that no one else shares. We received a note from her teacher a couple of weeks ago, telling us how happy the teacher was to have Tavin in her class. On a morning that the class was given an assignment to use a topic sentence and write a paragraph, Tavin wrote about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. The teacher noted that Tavin has the ability to reach her classmates in ways she (teacher) could not. That's good to know, it seems like for the last month all Tavin wants to do is go back to her "old" school, even though I remember things she used to complain about there as well.

Yesterday our family embarked on our first "Family Fun Run/Walk" for a local school group. It was only 5K, and although Lucy was the only one NOT walking it, she was the loudest complainer. If I would have taken pictures, and if I could get them to post here, I would post them. :) Same with my hike pictures, but for some reason, can't upload the things.