Monday, September 25, 2006

Day Trip

I survived, and even enjoyed, a rather adventurous trek into the Blue Mountains on Saturday! It was supposed to be a group of women from church that make up the "Fit Girls" or Women's Wellness Group, whatever floats your boat, but it wound up being only myself and the leader who just happens to be a personal trainer, works at a gym, cycles 50 miles on one trip for leisure, you know the type.

Anyway, it was a really good time, even if it was not 8.4 miles like W.L. and N. venture on, it was mountainous enough! We had beautiful sunny weather without being hot, and I have some lovely pictures of the river, which we followed, and some wildlife. I became immediately alarmed when she told me we were advised to avoid blackberry bushes (I've yet to see any out here) because the bears are stocking up for their hibernation, and not to look up...else we may spot a cougar watching us. I would've been GLAD to look up, but we had to always watch our footing or wind up falling down a steep embankment at times and swimming with the fishes, if you know what I mean. We will pass on the information that the bear we spotted was in the water, less than 100 yards away from the German Shepherds and a bunch of people in the campground. How's that for comforting!!

We hiked in 2 hours then planned to break and snack before returning, but discovered that by allowing our bodies to stop even briefly, we allowed pain to make its unwelcome appearance. So, we just kept moving and really didn't have severe pain until the last 1/2 hour of the 3 1/2 hour excursion. Did I mention that the local Sheriff was there with the SAR (Search and rescue) team conducting a training? And that I saw a bear? Oh and 3 snakes (but not the rattlesnake that we were told was ahead of us, I was kind of hoping to get a picture of that one instead of the bull snake), a fuzzy caterpillar (cute, huh?) and about a bajillion lady bugs all in huge masses and piles. Now I know Ladybugs are harmless, but we did dance around a bit and wig out a little when they flew on us and attached themselves. That made me feel better. Plus, I'm wasn't sore except for ankles and foot pain, from walking on loose rocks and uneven terrain. Sometimes I even moved fast. Someone had to out run the bear. (HA!) No, the only things we had to dodge was a dirt bike, a loose dog, and a cadaver dog. (It was on a leash and well-behaved, but EWWWWWW!!)


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Falling Riders

I keep thinking there were things that I wanted to post, and apparently my mind works best late at night when everyone else has been asleep for hours! I doubt I'm the only one in my extended family with this trait. Anyway, my wonderful husband and I attended our first rodeo ever, last week, which is a huge annual event in our vicinity. It got off to a huge bang when the opening parade of rodeo princesses and the queen of the rodeo came galloping out of the pens on their charging steeds, only for the queens horse to fail to clear a low rail, as well as fail to turn as it approached the grandstands, right below where we were sitting....the result: A dethroned queen in a very undignified manner!! I can make light of it you see, because she was ok. Let me mention that I was the ONLY one of my 2 sisters to NOT be a princess of any kind....:) Of course, if I could've been a princess that rode a horse I would've found a way to at least try. The only horse I every really got to ride was an ornery Appaloosa named "Ace" that seemed to figure out very quickly that a 100 lb. 8th grader was not the same as the typical adult male rider it was accompanied too. He didn't mind very well and tried to "rub" me off on the barn eave, as well as on a moving SUV driven by our neighbor. I have some great pictures of action shots, bull riding, calf roping, bronc riding and so forth, using my new digital camera's 12 zoom, I was pleasantly surprised at the focus and clarity....but I will send a couple to my nephews. If I'd have known the dethroned queen was ok, I'd have some of her too!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pit Juice

Tavin has been asking me for deodorant for the past few days, ever since I've said no to shaving her legs and another completely unnecessary request. We made the trip to Walmart and she smelled a few scents, then decided on one that I handed her. Most likely it was because of the name "Teen Spirit" rather than coming from mom's hand. Anyway, she immediately applied it in the car, after I had to continuously remind her to leave it alone in the store. I gave her basic instructions on exactly where it goes (one never knows where it may end up!) and how many "swipes" are appropriate, prefacing that with "This should last you at least a month", to give her an idea that this is not to be applied like chapstick. We also discussed the best time to use it is after a shower and every morning, etc.

Kevin knew I had gotten the deodorant for her, but I still think he was surprised when she came charging at him later in the day after her shower proclaiming, "Smell my armpits!!".

As for me, I spent the day with 25 pounds of peaches. We have 3 cobblers on our cupboard and more than enough freezer jam, but only because no one carries "Fresh Fruit" or the like anymore so I could have just frozen the stupid things! Oh well. I experimented with my cobbler stuff, and the last 2 I sprinkled chocolate chips between the peaches and the "cobbler". I couldn't figure out why they never set, even though I added more pancake mix after 30 minutes of not setting, finally resigning to a stewy texture. Now I know that some helper turned the stove off at an inappropriate time. "It was beeping." That's what timers do. :)