Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lyrical composition

Kevin left for Missoula this morning with his boss, they won't return until late tomorrow night. Since I'm on call and all that, the kids and I skipped church and had our own "service". This was basically the kids playing outside with our neighbor kids that were astonished to see us home on a Sunday. We are slipping for sure. Tavin and Valerie composed these lyrics to go with a song on her keyboard, I wish I knew the name of the little diddy but I don't.

I apologize for the "non-Sunday" lyrics, but here it is:

"1,2,3 kick my knee, go behind a tree and pee.
4,5,6 pick up sticks, go upstairs and play.
Go outside and ride a bike, go get married and take a hike.
1,2,3 kick my knee, hope you do that stuff."

My pride was great as I heard them belting this from my front porch. Obviously, greater things await them. I chose to blog this particular event rather than the truly disgusting thing that happened when a poopy diaper somehow got smeared all over the carpet and clothes basket while Tavin was pushing Lucy around in it.....


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Noisy neighbors (and not the human or canine type this time)

We have quite the collection of bird species here in NE Oregon. This was our "lost neighbor" this morning.
I frequently see Quail this time of year, sometimes an entire "squad" complete with a whole string of very small ones trailing their parents. Even better is when they are running across the top of my back fence, but I've never been quick enough to catch them with my camera. This morning however, one was calling quite loudly in out front.

As you can see, the birdy made its way around our neighbor's garage then helped itself right up to the front porch. I did catch a smattering of video so we could hear its vocals, but I can't copy video as of yet.

The only thing this birdy managed to attract was a curious Robin that began responding from my yard. Fortunately for them, George (the cat) was nowhere in sight.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yabba Dabba.....

I'm taking a brief pause from my household duties (as if anyone needs a reason to do that) to enjoy 1 of my 2 recent purchases that are exciting to me. The first, is a new recipe organizer/book. I don't know why, but for some reason I, and I'm sure many other women out there, seem to enjoy getting new recipe books and or organizers. This has pockets and allows me to put the 4x6 cards in a separate box into these folders and get rid of a small box, with a large book. Seems reasonable. There's also nice, crisp, big, lined pages to write new recipes onto, as well as a magnet list for the fridge and 3 fridge magnets. All for $8.99!

This is not the new thing that I am enjoying right now though...A few weeks ago Tavin and I went to watch the local middle school production of "Fiddler on the Roof" because a friend of ours had a lead role. We came to find out that neither her nor anyone in her family had seen the actual movie, nor were they even aware it was a movie. Travesty! So, my other purchase, for a mere $12.99, was a 2-DVD set of "Fiddler on the roof". Yesssss!! That's what is playing now, and I really like it. My next plan is to invite them over for a "Fiddler" evening, as they did express interest in viewing the real thing. :) Next, would be to see if they've ever seen "Gone with the Wind", as my parents made sure we watched it when I was 16. ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Acquire the Fire, Portland, OR

I just got back from Acquire the Fire (, a youth event that travels nationally to encourage Christian (and other) youth to affect their culture positively and to recognize the media and other "stuff" out there. We also heard some awesome music. :) This is my new favorite band, and I'm surprised. Any adults, you probably will think I have lost my mind, but your kids, well, they'll love this.

The band is "Red", this is a link to their video. Of course they are a Christian band!

I was never so , um "happy"?, to be on the first row of the "non floor" seats so close to the stage, it actually protected me from the giant speakers that vibrated my entire body Saturday when we heard "Pillar". The other band was "Grits". I am too tired to find a link to them....I had less than 9 hours of sleep over the last 2 nights, so all things considered I'm doing very well! I did have a great time and have decided that being with 22 teenagers isn't any harder than being with my own children! I do have to say that for some of the kids, my children are much better at following guidelines and authority. :)

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Current events

Simon lost his first tooth, followed by the second one a week later, about 2 weeks ago. We were in a diner for the first one, and he was at a birthday party for the second. This picture provides a lovely setting of silver, thanks to his recent dental work. It is sad that being 6 and being the little brother of an older sister, he has no regards for any tooth fairy. He just hits up dad right away for money.

Lucy is beginning to feed herself with a spoon; sort of. A more accurate description would be that she is more interested in eating when she can feed herself. In case you're wondering why she is not wearing a bib, none of my kids were big fans of them. No one would keep them on, which is also how they all feel about shoes and socks.
We received an easter package from Grandma Dot yesterday. Here is Lucy enjoying the Reese's peanut butter egg. This is "before".....

This is "after".

Tavin made me an early birthday picture. I'm sure my co-workers will appreciate this as all but 1 have kids of their own. :) In case you can't decipher what she wrote, it says, "I (heart) you! Happy Birthday! To: Mom From: Tavin Hang this picture on your work wall"

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Color! Finally!

Lucy was delighted to have a friend here since Thursday. Part of my duties as my house was being painted was to watch the baby and keep out of the way. :)

My wonderful friend Kaylene painted the entire lower level of our house for us. I really liked a striped design and didn't even know that she specialized in faux treatments, and was generous enough to give me my favorite wall! :)

We selected a khaki for the base color, used the wine color for the kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen colors are the same as the striped wall, just without a faux treatment. Kaylene started Thursday pm and finished earlier this morning. Talk about fast! Part of her speed had to do with my assignment, which was pretty much to stay out of the way.

This color is "tate olive" and really is not done justice by the photo. I am so glad to be a far cry from the "tofu" color we have been living with, and still have upstairs, for now at least!

Here is the illustrious artist finishing up this morning. She refused to look up, so her identity is safe for now.

Thank God for friends! Bless you Kaylene, and your family for sparing you! :)