Sunday, June 15, 2008

Visitors from North Caroline

Kevin's sister and her family were her from Thursday night to just a couple of hours ago. It always seems like the pictures are the last things to be done, but we did get a few last night.
R.J. was in doggy heaven with 2 more kids to give him more attention. The girls were missing their own dog, so he benefitted from that. Lucy really enjoyed having Alice read to her. The adults enjoyed a dinner out last night while Sadie bravely took on all 4 kids herself!

The best pictures are the ones with the sun in your eyes! This was taken this morning, actually Father's Day!
We had to literally corner Lucy to get her to be in the photo. This is a great picture of all of the grandkids; I know this is the first with all 6 of them, and I don't know if there has ever been one with even the first 4. This is truly an historic photo! I think all of the older girls are wearing some of the finds that we scored while garage-sale-ing yesterday. We had a great time and found some incredible seemed like several local Relay for Life teams were having huge yard least 2 that we went to were like that and they all seemed to have things for tween-teen girls. Even Simon got lucky because I found one yard that was getting rid of 7 Bionicles, and they still have all their parts! Anyone with boys knows that finding good used boy clothes is just impossible. They seem to get any use possible out of their clothes until there's just nothing left to pass on to someone else. He seemed happy to settle for really awesome toys instead of threads.

Relaxing and visiting on our last evening together. The girls all stayed in Tavin's room and maybe got a total of 20 hrs of sleep for the 3 nights they stayed....maybe! :)

All in all, we had a great time and only wished that Grandma Dot could've been here too. Our plan is to make a trip out there at least by the next 2 summers...hopefully next summer! Thanks for driving all the way from North Carolina and come back anytime!